Yacht Tenders

Van Eden Tenders is a family operated company specialising in refiting tenders and manufacturing custom made tenders for large yachts

Van Eden Tenders is proud to work together with Vripack®, a world renowned Dutch design and naval architects company.

We combine our extensive yacht engineering knowledge with vast Vripack’s design experience.
Our tenders are manufactured in the Netherlands with passion, dedication and excellent Dutch craftsmanship.


Our experience in day-to-day operation and maintenance of tenders combined with Vripack’s expertise makes the Van Eden tenders the most reliable and desirable tenders on the market.


Which kind of tenders do we offer?

Limousine/private jet tender

Limousine/private jet tender

Open Tender

Open Tender

Rescue tender (SOLAS approved)

Rescue tender (SOLAS approved)


In order to recommend the most suitable tender to a yacht owner and а captain, we first need to know intended purpose of operation, available storage space for the tender, and safe working load of the cranes. We can then work together with the owner, captain and designer(s) to ensure all specific needs are fulfilled.

Tenders are most commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Transporting guests in various weather conditions
  • Transporting guests to or from a beach (beach landing)
  • Water sport activities (skiing and other towing activities)
  • Diving and fishing trips
  • Provisioning for the yacht
  • Transporting luggage and grey bags
  • Yacht hull cleaning
  • Man-overboard rescue operations
  • Transporting an injured person ashore

Engine choices are personal, options are:

  • Petrol outboard engine(s)
  • Inboard diesel engine(s)
    • With jet propulsion
    • With stern drive propulsion (single or dual prop)
    • With pod system

Each engine and propulsion type has its advantages. Choice of engine depends on personal preference, intended use and cruising area.
It is very important to choose the correct type of propulsion as the incorrect type could make a tender impractical for its intended purpose.

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